Android: Disable Emergency or Amber Alert Sound

I was walking along, enjoying a mild February day, when all of a sudden I heard an awful sound. I scrambled to find the source and found that it was coming from my phone. Convinced my phone was malfunctioning, I rushed to pick it up and realized it was only an emergency alert. When did Android devices get this feature? Apparently it’s a feature your wireless provider provides. It will also do the same thing for Amber Alerts or Presidential Alerts.

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Android Signal Icon Meanings

Do you have a strange letter or symbol appearing for the signal icon on your Android device? Make sense of these icons that appear in the notification area with this information.

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Android — Connect Mouse and Keyboard


Want to use your Android device more like a PC by connecting a mouse and keyboard to it? Almost any Android device will allow you to do this if you have the right hardware. Here's how it's done. … [Continue reading]

Why Does My Phone Say “Emergency Calls Only”?

Alert header

Does the screen on your phone display the message "Emergency Calls Only" and you're wondering why? In this post, we will cover the common things that cause this message to display on your phone and not enable you to make normal calls. … [Continue reading]