Android — Clear Default Apps

If you have set an app to act as the default app on your Android device for a certain file or function, it will forever be the default app until you clear it. If you need to change a default app, you can clear it using these steps.

Note: These steps are for Android 7.1 (Nougat).

Option 1

  1. From your apps, open “Settings“.
  2. Select “Apps“. On some devices, it may be listed as “Applications“.
  3. Select the Gear icon located at the upper-right corner. On some devices, you may have a “Default applications” option instead.
    android app settings
  4. Select the type of default app you would like to set, “Home“, “Browser“, “Phone“, “SMS“, etc.
    android configure settings
  5. Select the app you wish to use.

Option 2

  1. From your apps, open “Settings“.
  2. Select “Apps“.
  3. Choose the app that is set as default.
  4. Select “Open by default“.
  5. Tap the “Clear defaults” button.
    android chrome settings

After the default is cleared, you can make a different app the default by trying to perform the function the app handles such as opening a file or web address, you will be prompted at that time to set a new app as the default from the “Complete action using” screen.

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