Why Does Android Randomly Restart?

A common question Android users may ask is “Why does my Android randomly restart itself?” At one point or another, every Android device I’ve owned has had this problem. There are a few common reasons your Android might restart on its own. Let’s take a look at them and see if we can fix it.

Loose Battery

Of course, this problem only occurs on devices with a removable battery. My Droid 1 and Samsung Galaxy S4 were notorious for suddenly restarting. Sometimes they would shut off and never turn back on. It turned out that in both cases, the battery was coming a bit loose. Just a slight jab at the device would quickly unseat, then re-seat the battery.

The most common reason for this is the rear cover has become slightly bent and is no longer holding the battery into place. Another reason is the gold battery connectors are bent out of shape. Over time, the connectors get worn down kind of the same way the Nintendo Entertainment System’s cartridge connectors did.

There are two ways to tackle a problem with a loose battery:

  1. Purchase some mounting tape, then affix a small piece to an area of the rear cover so that it holds the battery into place better.
    Snug Android Battery
  2. Turn the device off, remove the rear case and unseat the battery. Locate the battery connector pins. If possible, use a small screw driver to pry the connectors into a position where they will make better contact with the battery.
    Pry Battery Connectors



Many Android devices are designed to shut off if they become too hot. If you have your device out on a 100 degree day while trying to use 4G, GPS, and a screen set to the brightest setting, it might restart itself or even shut down. Try to take it easy and maybe disable features you don’t need.

Overheating shutdowns shouldn’t be a regular problem though. If your device is overheating regularly, contact the retailer or manufacturer about it.


Bad Apps

You may have an app running in the background that is causing the Android to randomly restart. When an app is the suspected cause, try the following, preferably in the order listed:

  1. Uninstall apps you don’t necessarily need. This goes especially for any apps that control sound, ringtones, wallpaper, have fancy widgets, or uses the GPS.
  2. Ensure all apps are on the latest version. Upgrade everything you have from the Play Store by going to Menu > Settings > My Apps.
  3. Uninstall apps that run in the background. From a fresh restart, go to Settings > More… > Applications > Running. If you see anything listed you can live without, uninstall it. If you cannot uninstall it, freeze the app if possible.


Corrupted System Software

Sometimes the Android system software gets corrupted.¬†If you are using a custom Android ROM, try a different version of the ROM or another type of ROM altogether. If you’re not using a custom ROM, your only option may be to try a factory reset of the device. Beware though, a factory reset will erase data from your device. On most Android devices, you can perform a factory reset by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset device.


Defective Hardware

If everything above has been tried and your Android is still randomly restarting itself, you may just have a bad device. Contact the retailer or manufacturer about the problem. You may not have that option if you have a custom Android ROM installed. In that case, you may want to take your question to the maker of your particular ROM

Do you have any other advice for your Android that restarts? Share it in the Comments section below.


  1. klint says

    My phone restarts only when my wifi is switched on. When my regular 3g or 2g internet service is in use I face no problems. Sometimes the phone restarts after an hour or so n sometimes it restarts as soon as I switch on or switch off the wifi connection on my phone. There is no specified amount of time for my android to restart when my wifi is in use….. if u have any suggestions please get back to me. Thankyou.

  2. kat says

    Using a particular web site and typing in form..it did it twice when using the typing feature..weird..do phones get virssus’ s? Have noticed spam txt messages recently..don’t know if there is a connection. Phone never did it before. Im wondering too if it was connected to a recent Samsung/Verizon upgrade..which I didn’t care for. Messed with my phone..

  3. Grace Ward says

    My Trio stealth-8 isn’t really a phone. One day I just came into my room, took it off my charger, turned it on, and it like how I just got it! It was asking me my gmail, and everything when I got it. What’s weird though is that it still had all my pictures and wallpapers. I think it might be the apps or wallpapers you suggested but I think it had a virus. When it was doing that, every time I turned it of it would ask the same questions and do it again. When I turned it on again I would try to download virus app. But it would take like forever unlike last time. And when I go online it would say the browser isn’t able to use right now. It would do that every time. Is my android broken? Sorry for all the sentenses, but I’m really confused. Good thing I got a warrenty on it…

  4. AllAndroidphonesreboot says

    I’ve had 7 different android based phones over the years, 3 different manufactures and all restart and reboot randomly. Android is unstable, sigh. I still have hopes for android.

  5. Uday says

    My phone is rooted using Cyanogen Mod(Typhoon_v2.7.4) HTC HD2, running android 2.3.3 For last 2 years i had no issues at all, but recently restarts or othertimes just shuts down. It happens at least 2-3 times a day now. If I leave it for over night charging it surely restarted or shuts, some times in the pocket i feel the heat from phone and later it restarts. I uninstalled lot of applications, but still no use, I guess it started after installing an app, now 2 options left one is update d ROM if possible or reset..

  6. Niko says

    My lenovo A850i started rebooting [restarting] from the momemnt that I took it out of the box!
    Sometimes is restarting for 30 or 40 minutes without stop. I tried everything you mention above. The seller send me the originar ROM + flash tool and reistalled the software. NO CHANGE, the phone keeps restarting.
    The seller told me to send it back to Hong Kong for “repair”, but it will cost me 43 euro to send it there, so it is useless. I just lost my money. This is the issue with China shops. If you are lucky you made a deal, if not, you loose all your money.
    Lenovo, wich I called, said that they do not support smartphones in whole Europe!
    I live in Greece

  7. jacob says

    Turning off auto-sync solved my problem. I know it sucks to have to do that, but my phone was rebooting about once an hour. Good luck

  8. rodgerk1 says

    It was the meet-up app for me, once I asked it to locate meetings within 10mins of my neighborhood, and it kept tryin for minutes until I closed that and tried to click on a meeting. Immediately the phone restarted…. And when it came back up, it restarted again. I knew right away what the prob was, I went on to uninstall the app immediately when it got back on

  9. hadian says

    is it possible if it caused by a bad network or very slow connection? so when the apps that require a network connection force the phone to suddenly restart?

  10. pinky says

    I got my new android mobile a month ago but after few days of using it automaticaly switch off and did not restart again i restarted it by pulling out the battery then i took it to the service center they changed the software and hardware but i did not work out for me the problem is still intact plz help

  11. Jarno says

    I have a samsung galaxy ace and when I turn it on it opens on to the samsung logo and then start it again

  12. Kervin says

    My phone is restarting for every 3 minutes… What will I do? I tried the battery thing but it didnt work.. Also.. When it restarts, the battery changes.. For example.. I charged it and it is 100 then it will restart then it will become 50 or 12 percent.. :(( pls help m

  13. Dan says

    my phone begun to reboot itself after I flashed from 4.2 to 4.4.4 CyanogenMod. the problem is that I’m using htc sensation 4g. meanwhile I flashed the same rom on my brother’s sensation (no 4g since its not t-mobile) and he got no similar problem.

  14. Mick says

    My Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will restart every time and I only can use my phone about 5 second.It just happened recently and I already tried many things include delete unused apps and reset my phone but it didn’t work.My battery also will minus about 10% every time it restart.Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

  15. Joe says

    When I am in home,I don’t have any problem with my phone.But when I go out for work,it restarts lots of time.for example,when I am driving or when I am in a car,it begins restart (just restart). I completely confused.After reset my phone,I’ve got this problem again.But as I said before,not in home just when I am out of home.Please help me.

  16. Joe says

    For all users using Android devices and have problem with restarting their devises frequently, I suggest to install CM security to their phones.I have this problem too but when I install this app my mobile work well and not restart again.

  17. Leo_Tymr says

    JUST CHANGE THE BATTERY…..though it might seem its not the battery and its a software or a bug..but trust me..it has something to do with the battery..just buy a new battery and that will solve the issue

  18. Cassy says

    My phone started to restart on its self every min and i thought i can just reset my phone but everytime i click on erase everything it does nothing. I know its not old cuz i just got it about 3 months ago. I cant do anything with my phone can anyone help me please

  19. Bhavya says

    I have bought Samsung galaxy grand quattro 2 years back .
    I rooted it today but suddenly it unexpectedly restarts after 2 mins . Please help me .

  20. najmul says

    My phone re-start again and again when I use internet or data.but when I keep it charging and use internet its not restart.plz help me.

  21. Tonny says

    My samsung galaxy trend plus phone is restarting for every 3 minutes…every time i switch it on it switches itself off.. Also.. When it restarts, the battery changes.. For example.. I charged it and it is 100 then it will restart then it will become 50 or 12 percent.. please help

  22. Mey says

    My phone keeps restarted again n again , when I put safe mode it doesn’t restart anymore but I can’t open any apps that I download. Please help.

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