Hard Reset Samsung Intercept

Having problems with your smartphone? You may want to hard reset Samsung Intercept as a last resort if you’re having problems with it that you can’t seem to solve by any other means. A hard reset will start the phone with factory default setting and clear all data from the memory, so you may want to backup your data. Data synced with your Google account such as Contacts, Calendar and Email can be re-synced after these steps.

Option 1 – Hard reset Samsung Intercept using the software menus

This is the preferred method if you are able to boot into your device.

1. From the home screen, press the Menu button.

2. Tap the Settings option.

3. Select Privacy.

4. Select the Factory data reset option at the bottom of the screen.

5. Tap the Reset phone button.

6. Choose Yes to confirm your selection.

Option 2 – Hard reset Samsung Intercept using the hardware buttons

This is the preferred option if the phone is malfunctioning in a way where you can’t boot or access the software menus.

1. Power off the Samsung Intercept. Pull the battery if it won’t turn off as normal.

2. Hold the Volume Down button, then press and release the Power button.

3. When the menu appears, release Volume Down, then select Clear Storage using the Volume Down button.

4. Press and release the Power button to choose the selection.

5. Select Yes to confirm that you want to perform a hard reset.

The Samsung Intercept will now clear the phone and reboot with factory default settings. You may need to wait up to 5 minutes for this process to complete.

For users who want to totally clear all hardware on the phone of any possible data, you may want to format the SD card as well. The SD card contains items like pictures, music and any apps that were manually transferred to the card. Another option would be to swap it out with another card.

Format the SD card

1. From the home screen, press the Menu button.

2. Tap the Settings option.

3. Select SD card & phone storage.

4. Choose Unmount SD card.

5. Tap Format SD card.


  1. cowens248 says

    I have a sprint Samsung Intercept m910 and it is say too many pattern attempts. To unlock, sign in with you Google account. I can’t remember my user ID or password. I have tried the hard reset don’t work. Does any one know how to resest it?

  2. Joe Meyer says

    I downloaded an app that gave me a new homescreen and there is another app that I had that would always ask me which homescreen I would like to go to. I had the choice to set one to default but I was just testing the new one out for a bit to see if I would like it. I almost never turn my phone off but the notification bar wouldn’t come down. I’ve had that before so I turned the phone off. When I turned it back on it did it’s normal boot up but when it would normally go to the home screen it just stayed black and then repeatedly displayed the Samsung screen again and again. So I believe the fact that my phone has 2 home screens it doesn’t know which one to go to. I tried to do option two that is written above but I just doesn’t seem to work. I’m a pretty techy guy too, so its not like I’m don’t know what I’m doing on some things. Any other ideas that could be tried, like trying to turn it on in a safe mode if there is one or if there is a way to reset it from the computer. Thanks Joe

  3. jas says

    Thank you amyjo for pointing this out.

    “AmyJo January 18, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    You need to also hold the call button. It’s not just the Volume Down and Power.

  4. says

    So you keep the volume in the down position from up to down and then is the call button the one opposite of the power button? Holding that down and then tap the on button and this wipes out all my apps and phone numbers etc?
    I don’t have an sd card unfortunately. :-(
    Do I have this right?

  5. SkipF says

    Thanks!!! It was a bit tricky to select the menu item but
    I got it after a few tries. Had to hold 2 buttons on front and
    volume down. Worked for me!

  6. Hallye Stubblefield says

    hi. i am having the exact same issue as joe. i have tried all of these ways but none of them have worked for me. i have no clue what to do now, and its extremely frustrating. my phone has been sitting on the same samsung screen for about 7 and a half hours now, without any progress. i have taken the battery out multiple times, thrown it on the ground, tried to do all of the above methods, but none of them are working. please help me.

  7. Sheri says

    I just got mine to reset FINALLY!

    Hold volume down and left call button and keep held down at same time.
    Hold down end/power button until initial Samsung screen comes on then release power button while continue to hold volume down and call buttons without letting go.
    Then a weird DOS looking menu will show on screen, release all buttons, then use volume to scroll up and down.
    Use center pad button to select the reset wipe data back to factory settings.
    After that the DOS looking menu pops up again, select reboot.

    Worked for me.

  8. Alexis says

    Ive tried all of these methods and none worked. How long am I supposed to hold down the buttons for the screen to pop up?


  1. […] http://phonetipz.com/hard-reset-samsung-intercept I wasn’t able to get Option 2 to work. However, I was able to get the factory reset as you mentioned. Do they both accomplish the same thing? I called Virgin Mobile and asked about the Samsung Intercept if they knew when they would roll out the 2.2, and the technical support person said he didn’t know when. He did tell me I would get a notification when an update was available. And that updates would be done on the cell phone itself by selecting Update Android. Which I did today (11/28/10) and it said the system (which is running 2.1) is up to date. […]

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