Android: Remove Pre-Installed Bloatware Apps

Grayed out Uninstall button on that annoying app? Only an option to uninstall updates? Take better control of your Android device by uninstalling the bloatware apps that were pre-installed on the ROM of the phone using these options.

Note: On many newer devices  like the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can “freeze” apps by choosing the “Disable” option in App Manager. This does not uninstall the app, but it removes it from view and prevents it from running. You may want to explore this option if you’re not up for rooting your device.

1. Root your device

To accomplish the removal of bloatware apps, you’ll first need to gain root access. The steps are usually different for each device. I flashed my Samsung Galaxy with CyanogenMod, a popular ROM for folks who like to root. Otherwise, try to search for alternative ways to root your device.

2. Install Titanium Backup

Once you have gained root access, install Titanium backup, the magic app you will use to remove those bloatware apps. The app is available for free via Google Play or via download directly from the maker.

3. Remove the “un-removable” app

Launch Titanium backup and select the Backup/Restore option at the top of the screen. This will list the apps installed on the device in detail. Tap the app you wish to remove. You may wish to use the “Backup” button to back the app up if you ever need it back. Tap the “Un-install” to remove the app.

Uninstall Messaging

In this example, we are removing the Messaging app. I like to use Handcent SMS, so I have no need to keep the stock “Messaging” app. Once you tap “Un-install“, you are prompted with a warning. Be absolutely sure you know what you’re doing before tapping “Yes“.

Uninstall warning

That’s all there is to it. The bloatware is now uninstalled from your Android device.


  1. dan says

    Thanks for posting! When the Amer alert went off in New Brunswick NJ for the first time on my phone I thought it was going to explode! With your help, I disabled the feature.

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