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I was walking along, enjoying a mild February day, when all of a sudden I heard an awful sound. I scrambled to find the source and found that it was coming from my phone. Convinced my phone was malfunctioning, I rushed to pick it up and realized it was only an emergency alert. When did Android devices get this feature? Apparently it’s a feature your wireless provider provides. It will also do the same thing for Amber Alerts or Presidential Alerts.

The Emergency and Amber Alert on the phone is a nice feature, but I don’t want it interrupting me in the middle of the night. I struggled to find the place to turn this feature off. Depending on your device, it can be located in different places. Here are a few places to check.

Messaging App

On most devices, you’ll find the Emergency Alert option within the settings for the Messaging app. A strange spot if you asked me.

  1. Open Messaging.
  2. From the main screen where all your message threads are listed, press Menu and select Settings.
  3. Select Emergency Alerts.
  4. Uncheck the alerts you don’t want to hear.You can disable Extreme alerts, Severe alerts or Amber alerts. You cannot disable Presidential Alerts.

System Settings

If your device uses a very stock version of Android, you might find the setting in the system settings.

  1. Select the Settings icon on the Home screen.
  2. Tap More.
  3. Select Wireless & Networks.
  4. Choose Cell Broadcast settings.

From there you can uncheck:

  • Show extreme threats
  • Show severe threats
  • Show AMBER alerts
  • Vibrate

Emergency Alerts App

Many other devices may have a separate Emergency Alerts app.

  1. Open the Emergency Alerts app.
  2. Select Menu > Settings.
  3. Select Receive alerts.
  4. Uncheck the alerts you don’t want to hear.

Weather App

If you have a weather app, it may be configured to display and sound alerts. Open the app, then access the settings to see if it’s enabled.


Did this post help you find the Emergency Alerts setting on your phone? Did you find it somewhere else? Share your experience in the comments section.


  1. Stephanie Eller says

    I like getting the message alerts but they should automatically be set up on vibrate with a notification in the alert stating “audible alert is available.”

    This website was very helpful.

    Thank you.

  2. xio says

    Thanks so much. The stupid alert scared the heck out of me in the middle of the night! Appreciate the info on opting out. Exactly correct instructions for my Android.

  3. Stefan Schreier says

    A have a T-mobile Concord phone and so far none of the suggestions I have seen work on my phone. I tried to ask T-mobile but they don’t know either. If anyone knows how to turn off amber alerts on my phone I would appreciate it if they would let me know.

  4. Mitch Bartlett says

    Stefan, go to Applications > Cell Broadcasts > Menu > Settings on your Concord. You should be able to modify the settings there.

  5. says

    Having the same issue as Stefan. I have an LG Optimus L9 and I can’t find the emergency alerts setting in any of the menus. I’m sure it’s there, I’m just so far unable to find it. ((sigh)) I’d like to disable the sound portion of the Amber Alerts and I CERTAINLY don’t want “presidential alerts” at all — Jeez Louise. Thanks!

  6. jessica says

    actually, on my droid4 the only place i could find anything rlated to the emergency notifications was under the sound setting menu. i could disable the notification, but i could set it to vibrate or disable the tone. vibrate works better for me because i actually like the alerts. i personally would want everyone to know to be on the lookout if my daughter was kidnapped.

  7. HA says

    Thank you! Mine was hidden in an app – I never would have thought to look there. Wouldn’t mind the alerts if they weren’t screeching and frequent.

  8. Sonja says

    Thank you for the info. My phone was basically disabled during an alert so if there was an emergency I would be unable to use it for help. When clearing or deleting the
    screen it just came right back blocking me from even making a call for extended periods of time.

  9. Jim says

    Your directions were right on the mark. I have spent 40 minutes reading articles and advice from Google, T-Mobile and independent sites and yours was by far the most accurate, the most direct and the most simple directions given.

    I made the changes within one minute of reading your article. Thank YOU!

  10. Amrit says

    Hi I have Motog and currently on MTS Russia network , I have disabled emergency alerts from my mobile setting but still I am recieving lots of emergency messages whar should I do please help


    Amrit Pal Singh

  11. Charlene says

    I’ve got a kyocera rise and have turned off amber alerts since they were coming in the middle of the night. I would like to review those settings again and I don’t see “receive alerts”. Can someone help, please.

  12. Crystal says

    I have a T-Mobile LG Optimus 9 and can’t find a way to disabled it anywhere. If I go to the CMAS app, the “disable” button is grayed out. I’m really PO’d. Phone has b=screeched multiple times today. Tired of this garbage. I used to care about kidnapped people. I no longer do, thanks to this intrusive feature.

  13. Nevermind says

    Those alerts should’ve a schedule… Personally I like the alerts and I’d like to get them so I can help the community, but how is it useful to get an AMBER alert when you’re sleeping in bed? I know my sleep/night hours so I’d like to disable AMBER alerts during those hours, but there is no option to do that. I have a custom android ROM which actually has quite hour settings, but the emergency alerts bypasses those (which is great, as I want to be woken up if there is a cunami or some other life threatening warning, but I will not wake up and go on the street at 3am to look out for a white dodge van for an amber alert).

  14. SD Lieber says

    Thank you for posting this info. I learned how to turn off the alerts before i found your site. I found your site because I wanted to know how to change the sound. Your headline says, “Android: Disable Emergency or Amber Alert Sound” Sadly it explains how to disable the notifications and the sound. Is there a way to turn off or change the sound without stopping the alerts? its a shame that it looks like we have to choose between a noise that can cause more emergencies and no alerts at all.

  15. Jushilli says

    I have a Huawei G510 and on it there is a Cell Broadcast app. Once opend I accesses Menu Settings and there is a option to deselect All Channels but this is greyed out. Does anyone know how to make this option work?

  16. Alice says

    I have a new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Verizon. I cannot figure out how to disable these notifications. I’ve tried all the options above as well as looking in the settings of the default messaging app. Please help. :(

  17. ed says

    If u want turn off your emergency alart on vrizen phone s5 go to menu
    There is a icone “emergency alart”
    Push the settings and the rest u can do by your self

  18. Matt says

    Kudos for the helpful post. Took an hour of searching but glad I stumbled upon this corner of the internet.

  19. irma says

    Hai I have a huawei p7 and I don’t know how to turn off my emergency alerts? Its driving me crazy and using battery life

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