5 Reasons Windows Phone Will Catch Android

Microsoft is struggling to entice people to buy their Windows Phone. Things can change quickly in the mobile game though. We all know how quickly BlackBerry fell. The same thing will eventually happen to Android. This time, it will happen at the hands of Windows Phone. Here are 5 reasons why.


Microsoft has more experience in the Smartphone arena than Apple and Google combined. Remember Windows Mobile? They have learned from past mistakes. Microsoft has also done extensive testing with their Windows Phone interface that reaches back to the old Zune devices. They have learned what works and what doesn’t.

Windows 8 integration

The Metro interface in Windows 8 is the future of Windows. People will become familiar with the interface on their computer and will naturally want the same interface on their smartphone or tablet. Windows Mobile did this and failed. This time the design is based on the mobile device, rather than desktop design.

Growing developer support

Apps that can run in Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone? This is a developers dream! Most developers are already familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio and have the ability to easily make WP apps. More apps + desktop integration = success.

People are tiring of Google’s ways

Privacy concerns are becoming a big issue for users of Google products. Android is no exception. Stories of malware, viruses and fake apps in the Android Market hit the news wire almost daily. Not to mention Google’s scary shift from a search company who once cared about its users to an advertising company who wants all of your private data.

It’s something different

Everything made these days, including Android is a knockoff of the Apple iOS. Those pretty icons. The way you interact with items on the screen. It’s all the same. Windows Phone is the only major player that is radically different from the rest of the pack. Users will get tired of the same old stale Android interface just like they did the BlackBerry. Windows Phone is a breath of fresh air.

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